Saving Energy in Your Home

Saving Energy in Your Home

To truly make your house a home, you need to do things that make it comfortable and affordable. With all the talk these days about energy efficient homes, we thought it was appropriate to address a few things that can make your home more efficient and comfortable as we approach the warmer seasons.

Fortunately, most things these days are made to be energy efficient. Everything from building materials to utilities, appliances and even television sets are designed to use less energy, thus saving you money over the course of each month of the year.
We’ve all heard of energy efficient windows, which can make a tremendous difference in your heating and cooling bills. But what else can you do to make your home more comfortable and efficient?

As you make home purchases, you may want to look for the ENERGY STAR certification on the packaging which means it’s certified to be low in energy consumption and ultimately, cost.
I was recently shopping for a new television and saw that they even note the amount of energy it will require to run the device over the course of a year. You’ll see the same thing on refrigerators and stoves and washers and dryers and much more. Watch for these things because a couple hundred dollars here and a couple hundred dollars there can really add up over the course of each year with so many electric or gas powered items in the typical home.

An even bigger topic is insulation within a home. This includes insulation in attics and walls, etc. The truth is that homes built just a few decades ago had very little insulation installed and the quality of the insulation was much, much lower back in the day before builders realized how important it was to build homes that could be more efficient.
This may be worth you checking into for your property. Anytime I’m in an area that snows regularly, I notice that some homes have snow on their roof while the home right next door has none, meaning the heat from inside the home is leaking through the attic, melting the snow from underneath.

It’s actually an easy fix. Plus, you may not need to touch anything yourself. There are companies that will blow in additional insulation to make your home more efficient which will lower your heating and cooling bills the very day that you do it. The EPA recommends filling air leaks with caulk, spray foam or weather stripping before adding the insulation. But check with a professional company to do some investigating in the attic to see if additional insulation is needed. This one easy fix generally saves you well over $200 per year.

If you go to you will see several tips, tricks and checklists that you can go over to start making small changes in your home that may save you a few thousand dollars per year. They actually have 68 items that you can take the pledge of fixing within your home to help the earth and help your wallet at the same time! Saving money is always a great thing and it helps to make your house a home.



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