Support Girls In Sports

Support Girls In Sports

Do you have a young, impressionable girl in your life — perhaps a daughter, niece, or cousin? Encouraging her to participate in sports is physically healthy, helps develop teamwork and goal-setting skills, and builds self-confidence. Show your support by:

  • Accommodating her interest and participation in a sport. Buy her decent equipment, drive her to practices, and watch her when she plays.
  • Carving time out of your schedule for one-on-one practice so she can improve her running, throwing, and kicking skills.
  • Proudly framing and displaying a photo of her playing her sport.
  • Participating in a sport or being active yourself. Active role models in a girl’s life increase the likelihood that she will also be active.
  • Focusing on fun. Let her try new sports until she finds one she enjoys.
  • Keeping an eye on confidence by avoiding comments about her body size or shape.


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