The Summer Blues

The Summer Blues

Just like that we are in the last month of Summer. How quickly it goes by after it seems to have just started.

Families are wrapping up their summer vacations and I’ve already begun to see a few back to school ads hitting the scene. The commercials are in full swing and stores have extra school supplies on hand to prepare for the mad rush of parents that will undoubtedly occur.

Sure the kids aren’t too thrilled with the thoughts of returning to school but deep down they are bored. They’ll never admit to it, but the nature of a routine and seeing their friends daily, even if it is behind the walls of a school, is something they love. As you prepare to end the summer, do it on a high not and don’t let the end of summer blues get you down.


Here is some food for thought as you wind down your summer.

For those that have children, start to get them back on their nightly routines towards the end of the month. Begin adjusting bedtime, wake-up time and eating schedules to avoid the abrupt switch once school starts. Helping them start to transition ahead of time will make it much easier for them and you’ll maintain a higher level of sanity too.

Involve the kids in new schedules that may need to be created. Psychologists have found that the more kids are involved in the planning the more enthusiastic they’re likely to become. This not only goes for returning to school, but other events that they may not be onboard with right away.

A cool thing I’ve noticed with the families I’ve met throughout my career is the use of a designated “end of summer” ceremony. This may be a final BBQ or fun day where a summer recap can be had with favorite memories shared. Put together a photo album or “photo cloud” spot online that can be viewed later.

For those without children, what can I say? Avoid the school supplies stores as it gets closer to the school year beginning…you may get run over with a shopping cart during the mad dash!


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