Pricing Strategies for a Changing Market

Pricing Strategies for a Changing Market

As available inventory in the housing market continues to increase, buyers now have a lot more options than they did, over the past 5+ years, during the sustained Sellers’ market that was driven by the lowest interest rates in over 50 years, coupled with a severe shortage of available housing.

This market change, while much better for home Buyers, can still yield great results for current homeowners whose housing situation no longer fits their needs. Those inspired by the selling prices of their neighbor’s homes, in the old market, just need to be realistic about the market changes-in order to capitalize on them.

While it’s still a great time to be a seller, even though the market is changing, it’s important to me that my clients get the highest price possible for their home, but also under the terms that are best for them as well. The highest offer doesn’t always mean the BEST offer. If you need to sell quickly for a job relocation, a higher offer with multiple contingencies may not be the best choice over a slightly lower offer that can close immediately-especially if the family will be separated and paying for two separate households. It’s important to understand the priorities of my clients and handle the sale of their home accordingly.

As homeowners begin to think about selling, questions regarding pricing strategy sometimes come into play. Strategic planning is more important right now-then it has been in years.

I like to reassure my clients that my priority is to get them the best price for their home and to do that, pricing the home correctly from the start is the best plan. My experience in the marketplace allows me to see what a home will truly sell for, after taking all of the current market conditions and variables into consideration, so that my clients can feel confident that their home will sell quickly and for top dollar.

Is this the best time to sell?

Several factors go into deciding if now is the time to sell your home. Some are clearer cut, such as the previous example of a job relocation. Other indicators that it might be time to make a move include a change in the size of your family. If you’ve had two children since moving into your home, it may be feeling a little short on space.

On the flip side, as children head off to college, you may want to reduce the upkeep on your larger home by downsizing.

For those homeowners, who are getting on in years, and live in a 2-story home, they may want to consider moving to a one-story home, for safety reasons and ease of mobility.

Perhaps the maintenance on an aging home is becoming a hassle and the ease of moving into a newly built home that will have little to no projects is ideal right now.

And maybe you’re just interested in taking advantage of the high selling prices, that are now just coming off of their all-time historical highs. All are perfectly good reasons to enter the market. Ultimately, it’s a very personal decision to put your home on the market.

Even for those who are in the early stages of thinking about a move, it may be helpful to know what your home would sell for in current market conditions. If you’d like the current market value on your home, simply shoot me a text or call. As the local community specialist, I’d be happy to discuss.

Also, you can take advantage of our ‘pre-marketing consultation’.  We can get together for a brief, 15-minute appointment, and I can share with you some valuable recommendations so that you can net the most amount of money from your home sale. Oftentimes, there are simple, inexpensive things you can do to increase the value of your home. In fact, over 90% of the people that take me up on this offer, realize a net gain of an extra $10,00 to $20,000 when they sell their home. Time well-spent. (No Cost or Obligation.)  Call or text me at # 858-336-111

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