Our Clients Say it Best
Dear Don,
As owners of many homes, my husband and I have had enough experience to know “the drill” when selling and buying a home. We could not have been happier working with you in our most recent sale of our home and purchase of another home. We always knew what was going on either through your weekly phone calls (sometimes more than that) and our communication with your office staff. We always felt like you were on top of things for us and for everyone involved. When we stumbled on some problems due to errors caused by realtors on the other side of the transactions, you were right there to help them fix things even though it wasn’t always your responsibility. This is a sign of a truly committed professional and we are most appreciative of your efforts in this regard.

Selling and buying another home is not a process one likes to engage in frequently but you made it less of a burden and a relatively easy transition. In addition to making sure all the paperwork was in order, you also made our lives easier by helping out with some basic things that we needed like giving us moving boxes, changing the locks on our new house and sending us out on a celebratory dinner. Traditional thank you baskets are always nice but your thank you gifts were much more practical and useful and just what we needed!

We have already told everyone we know that if they need to buy or sell a home, they MUST call you! Even though I don’t plan on moving again anytime in the near future, when and if the time does arrive I will wholeheartedly call you and enlist your excellent services again. Thank you for not only being good at selling and buying home, but for being a wonderful, friendly and supportive person to work with. We wish you all the best success.
With Best Regards,
Melissa and David Stolow, PhD, Santaluz
Don and his team did a terrific job on the sale of our home. In my opinion, he sets the standard for integrity, transparency and responsiveness.
We had our house listed by another agent for many months, and although it sold twice, it fell apart twice. When we decided to change agents, I interviewed others, all very experienced and with top reputations. I wanted to hire an agent who not only was effective, but was committed to straight talk and prompt response. Don was willing to invest 2 hours of unrushed time talking to me about his approach, strategies and values. He was also willing to take the risk of losing the listing if he could not sell the property within a reasonable period of time. I was impressed.
Don got the house sold, at almost our top asking price, in two weeks. What was more important was that he got the deal closed, with difficult buyers and a difficult buyers’ agent. The buyers having failed to get a lowball price (thanks, Don) tried to get it all back with aggressive actions during the inspection process (our house is high-end, very tricked out and in great condition). Don counseled us through that icky process, keeping our blood pressure down, our wallets still in our pockets, and to a successful completion of that part of the deal.
Then the buyers’ loan took two extra weeks, and this caused lots of complications with their very difficult agent. Don got our carrying costs covered, and to a smooth, if delayed closing.
Through the whole process, Don and Gerri (and Tim) communicated with us promptly, confidently and importantly to us, kindly. He gave us real advice, not just choices, without attempting to strong arm any particular decision along the way. His knowledge of the inner workings of the process gave us confidence and kept us patient when we were losing patience.
Don’s TC and team handled all paperwork and external process accurately and quickly. They took care of all details that they could, making an otherwise difficult process easier.
Thanks to Don, Gerri and the whole team. Very highly recommended.
Keith Zakarin, Partner Duane Morris LLP
Don, again, you and your staff have come through for me in stellar fashion. This is our third transaction together and every time 1 am impressed at your professionalism and commitment to your client. You shouldn’t be selling real estate; you should be teaching others how to do it correctly. In the last couple of years, I did a couple of transactions and didn’t use you and, to tell you the truth, I regret not using your services. The comparison between other, so-called ‘professionals’ and you is like night and day.
Again, you went to bat for me on a price and commission reduction to your possible detriment. As such, I enclose a check to make up for your loss of commission. I’ve also included the lost commission from the other realtors as I feel you earned it more than they did.

I have to congratulate Eddie and the rest of your staff for how they handled this. Everybody seemed enthusiastic and committed to getting the job done right and on time. The systems you have in place and the checks and balances virtually ensure a trouble-free deal. Well done! I’ve included a little extra in your check. Please send these kind folks off to a nice dinner on me.
I have dealt with realtors my whole life as my father sold real estate. I have bought and sold several houses and have helped other people in their transactions. I have worked with countless realtors while looking for property, dropping in for open houses, and actual hands-on transactions. I have yet to earn: anybody with the style, politeness, thoroughness, professionalism and care that you bring to the industry.
You want a reference? You can have anybody, anytime, call me and I’ll be happy to let them know they could be doing a lot worse than engaging your team.
Best regards and a hearty ‘Thank you’.
David Lippincott, Kensington
If you are in need of a Realtor that is trustworthy, ethical and has the skill set of a Jedi Master, then Don Pelletier is who you want. Don and his team masterfully juggled 3 separate real-estate transactions, simultaneously, ending with my family being in the home of our dreams. This was all done in under 8 weeks! Don also helped us with finding a new property manager and insurance agent. His service and professionalism will impress you. I highly recommend Don for any Real Estate issue that comes your way. He’s easy to talk to and is a wealth of information. Plus he has great referrals too! Can’t thank you enough for your great service Don, I’m so glad we used your team!
Greg Streicher
From the first conversation with Don before I was ready to list my home to the closing, he and his team were great. They offered great recommendations on vendors that could help to make my house irresistible to buyers. Questions were quickly answered and the entire process was very easy. When the first sale fell through, they quickly got it back on the market and we had 3 offers immediately. Don put me in contact with an agent in the Tampa area who helped me find a new home and continued to offer his services. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Don, Gerri, and their team. They gave me honest opinions and great advice. I can’t say enough good things about them. It’s easy to see why he has such a great reputation.
Linda Sanford
Don and his team were AWESOME from beginning to end of the sale of our home. He explained everything clearly so that we understood, he was always available for questions, and he made the whole process so smooth and easy for us!! Don is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, he is truly a great guy who genuinely cared about us as individuals and was extremely considerate of all of our needs. Simply said, Don is the BEST and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants someone they can trust that will have their best interest at heart, and will get the job done quickly and smoothly. We can’t say enough good things about Don and his whole team. THANK YOU DON !!!!!
Fred & Shelley Dunsmore
I had to liquidate several properties in San Diego. The issues were complicated and I do not reside in California. As trustee for an estate, I scheduled several interviews with real estate agents in the San Diego area who were recommended to me. Don Pelletier came to the interview extremely well prepared. He had already worked up comps, researched the neighborhoods, and had an excellent presentation and familiarity with the area. He won the interview process, hands down. We never looked back. Don worked closely with me and I came to value his advice. Through his hard work, we reached satisfactory sales of all properties in a very respectable time frame. I have sold many properties in many states over the years. I never worked with any real estate agent better qualified than Don. If you want a hardworking, knowledgeable, and helpful real estate agent, Don Pelletier is your man. I recommend him highly and without reservation.
George Muraco, Federal Bank Examiner-Assistant Director, Division of Bank Supervision, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Washington, D.C.
The purpose of this correspondence is to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation to you for delivering a professional approach to selling our residence at the Salviati Community in Santa Fe Springs. You and your staff were friendly and consistent with your communication throughout the marketing process, which enabled my family and I to continue our daily routines without any annoying surprises or inconvenience related to the viewing of our home. My research confirms that you sold our house at an all-time record high price for the area, which is further testament to your professionalism and hands-on leadership of your staff. Your advice and performance have exceeded my highest expectations and I would feel very confident in recommending you to other sellers of real estate. Please let me know if I can ever be of any service to you.
Robert E. Lee Goodwin III – 
‘Four-Star’ General, Naval Militia
, Special Advisor to the Governor
I am a probate attorney in Carlsbad, California, and my practice focuses exclusively on estate, probate and trust administration matters. I have known Don Pelletier for over five years related to my practice, and I have worked with him on nearly one dozen matters, ranging from valuation of property to sales of property involved in complex litigation.
I can say, without qualification, that common through all these matters is Mr. Pelletier’s professionalism, attention to detail, courtesy and through knowledge of the subject matter, so much so, that I have difficulty rationalizing the use of any other real estate broker.
I count my professional relationship with Mr. Pelletier to be one of my greatest assets in my trust and estate administration practice.
Kevin Kravets, Attorney at Law, San Diego
As a result of my professional involvement in complicated legal transactions, I have had the privilege to become well acquainted with Mr. Don Pelletier. Mr. Pelletier was not only of tremendous assistance to me, I also found him to be through, well prepared and extremely pleasant to work with in situations which required immediate attention. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Pelletier and can do so with confidence that he will continue to maintain the fine qualities that I observed.
Bruce M. Beals, Esq.
 – Family Law Attorney and Judge Pro-Tem

More reviews for Don Pelletier

My husband and I could not believe the price Don and Gerri got us for our house and how quickly the offers came in. They created a big buzz about our property before we actually put it on the market, and it worked wonderfully. They expertly advised us on what items we should improve and how much to spend to get the maximum return. We got a huge return on our investment (way over market values in that area). They helped us choose the best buyer so we were confident the sale would go through. They kept us constantly updated on the entire process, and even helped it close earlier than the already short escrow of 30 days. We will never use a different realtor, and will recommend them to everyone we know. They truly cared about the whole transaction working in our best interest. Can’t say enough about how happy we were with the entire process from start to finish. I’ve never written a review for anything, but I had to share our experience!


Jo and Mark Swanson, Del Sur


A friend referred Don to us, after we listed our home with a realtor who was a neighbor/friend and we were having no luck selling after 6 long months. My husband, upset and frustrated, interviewed several agents along with Don, all from very prestigious firms in San Diego. Don stood out, not just because my husband thought he could sell the property, but because he felt Don was a person of integrity, which is important to us. Don kept every promise he made to us. His team, which includes his wife Gerri and his nephew Tim, are all incredibly professional, friendly and responsive. They help Don to run his real estate business like no other we have seen. My husband is a busy attorney in a large nationwide firm with over 600 attorney’s, it is difficult to impress him with either efficiency or intellect and Don did both. Unfortunately, both skills were needed on our real estate transaction and we both feel if it were not for Don’s expertise, many things could have gone wrong. Don has over 30 property. However a very difficult and unresponsive buyer’s realtor and problems with the lending years in his field, working with all kinds of real estate transactions on all sides from mid-range to luxury properties. Don was able to achieve very close to our asking price within 2 weeks of listing our process put us many days over the original escrow close, and I feared the deal would have to be canceled. My husband and I have bought and sold properties before and we have never had a deal this difficult. However, Don persevered. He has an amazingly even temperament and was able to work through all of the problems, mostly to our advantage. Don and his wife Gerri are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to contractors, painters, heating and air people etc. Everyone that the Pelletier’s introduced us to were reasonably priced, efficient and professional. I think they know everyone in San Diego after being in the real estate world as long as Don has been. We only regret that we did not hire Don sooner. This was truly a wild ride, we are so happy Don and Gerri Pelletier and their fantastic team were our drivers! Save yourself some time and headache and hire Don first!


Joann F, Bay Park


Individuals such as Don are hard to come by these days. Professional. Smart. Creative. Strong work ethic. Respectful. Skilled negotiator. Committed to providing the highest level of service before, during and after the sale. Genuine and down to earth. I could go on and on! We used Don to sell our home years ago and he negotiated a much higher price than we originally listed the house for. He even took time to vet a realtor out of state for my elderly mom to sell her home. He then made himself available to offer advice and checked back with me countless times through her challenging sale. We will definitely use Don to sell our home next time and would highly recommend him. Thank you so much Don!


Lisa Smith, Escondido


Don and his team were very helpful during all stages of our house sale. He visited our home early to give advice on staging, and worked with us closely throughout. Our sale was a bit difficult and stressful because the buyers on the first offer backed out after a few days, but then came back after a week or so. And then the escrow was delayed due to the buyers changing lenders very late in the process. Don and his team stayed close to us with multiple text messages, emails and phone calls. They gave us good advice to help us through all stages. I would highly recommend Don and his Team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They are hardworking and very honest.


Charlie and Glynn Birdwell, Encinitas


I worked with Don and Gerri Pelletier recently on an investment real estate transaction. As a fellow real estate professional, I must say that Don and his wife Gerri were wonderful to work with. Don and Gerri are both great communicators and extremely professional real estate brokers. Don and his team ensured that the entire transaction closed smoothly and that all sides of the transaction were comfortable every step of the way. I look forward to the opportunity of working with the Don Pelletier team again in the near future.


Patrick Kappel, Broker


When I told my wife I had called Don, she asked “Who?? Not the guy from the bench!”.
We were in the middle of buying a second home while selling our first home at the same time. We started by selecting a more…discounted real estate group. “What’s the worst that could happen?” We asked ourselves. Well the answer was quite a lot… Things went off the rails fast. Thousands of dollars and countless hours wasted. Potential legal action (an empty threat, but nerve wracking nevertheless!).
We keep seeing Don Signs by our home, so I decided to call him. Don stopped by our home and gave us soundly advice. So we immediately hired him and fired the other agent.
Don worked with us and he rescued us. And I mean that literally. We were due with our second baby in a few short weeks and I had no idea where we would be living. A new house? Our current house? An apartment? What would our finances look like? I am afraid I was skeptical until I saw Don’s magic at work.
He started on the sale of our home right away. Within two weeks we had a buyer at asking price and with several contingencies in place to give us peace of mind and extra time in the home after the sale if we needed it.
At the same time he introduced us to a fantastic new lender, Chris, and got us a fresh start on a new house. This house required some competition, but Don and company walked us through it very nicely. We felt the normal jitters but ultimately at ease.
Both the sale and the purchase seemed to be finalizing in relative sync – this was important as it involved transferring VA Loan benefits. And despite using VA the purchase closed “on-time” if not earlier. We were actually ready before the sellers were prepared to move out their last items. 100% facilitated by Don and his team. Smooth as a hot knife through butter.
To complete the story, the baby decided to show a little early, but he was just fine, and we were able to move into the new home about two weeks later.
Call Don, you will not regret it.


Denis and Ashley Nunez, East Lake/Chula Vista


I am an old man (73) and have had a dozen real estate agents in my life.  Don is the most responsive, competent, and enjoyable with whom to work that I have ever had.  I’m not exaggerating and here’s why:  I’ve lived in the home I have now for 38 years.  Don was not my agent when I bought it and he has never acted as my agent in a single transaction. Translated that means Don has never even made a penny from me.  So why am I raving about him?  Over the past decade plus I have wanted to know things about my property and its value.  Don has spent an estimated 2 hours of his time each time I get an impulse to know something about my home. He has done that about 20 times in the period since I first asked him.  That means Don has given me about 40 hours (2*20) of his time to a man that doesn’t have a contract with him and the possibility of Don making a commission is still way in the future, maybe never if I live in this home the rest of my life.  That said, if I ever do list my home for sale, you know who my real estate agent will be! Good ole’ Don who allows me to bug him for data without nothing in it for himself. Don has consistently demonstrated the kind of ‘character’ that has earned my respect and loyalty for life!


Alan Olson, BayHo


I was moving from across the country and Don (and his great team) made buying a house incredibly easy.   Don knows the entire San Diego area and can give pros and cons of all the San Diego communities.  This was especially helpful as I had not spent much time in the area. He also has excellent contacts for any type of home renovations or remodeling that one would need.  All the contacts were professional and helpful. Even after purchasing a home, Don continues to share his knowledge in everything from the current real estate market to gardening tips. Don came highly recommended from a friend who has had purchased and sold several houses with him.  I would now like to pass along my highest recommendation.


Matt Berger, San Marcos


Thank you Don/Gerri for selling my home! I did not think my home would sell easy but Don/Gerri surprised me, getting an offer locked in within 4 days of listing and a super easy 30 day escrow whilst guiding me through the whole process. All of the advice received had me and my family’s best interest in mind, I am insanely appreciative of the level of service i received. I will be requesting Don and Gerri’s expert services for all future real estate transactions and recommending them to anyone/everyone that is interested in buying or selling a home.


Bryan M.


Don and his associates, especially his wife Gerri, did a great job in leading us through the purchase of our condo in West Mission Valley. The location of the listing and most of the negotiations were done with us 3,000 miles away in NH! Don had to educate us to the very different San Diego market and counseled us through the purchase process. He really earned his strips after the inspection identified issues that could have doomed the sale. However, he went to bat for us and negotiated a fair price for us that considered the repairs we would need to make. His team, lead by Gerri, were on top of every detail including the signing of documents electronically which they made easy. We were fortunate that Don and his team came highly recommended by family members who had worked with him for years and spoke so highly of him that we were ready for disappointment. This was not to be and we are so very appreciative of our experience with Don and his team and now consider them to be family.


Martha and Jim Grant


When it became time to sell my mother in law’s home in San Diego several years ago, I started looking for realtors in the area. One day I saw a picture of a nice looking gentlemen on a bus bench with the statement ” I know San Diego Real estate” Please call. So I did. Met with Don Pelletier and Gerri, and listed the home with them. Don helped us get the home ready to sell and proceeded to sell it in three weeks at Twenty Seven Thousand over our asking price. Last Year I needed to sell my home in Valley Center, so there was no doubt that I would be using Don again. He did some research on local market and we came up with an asking price. Put home on Market on Monday and received two full cash offers by Friday of same week. Opened Escrow for two thousand dollars over asking price. Don kept us informed every step of the way, and even sent me a thank you gift. I have since moved to Northern Nevada and Don hooked me up with a local realtor up here. Got a great house at a great price in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If I ever need another realtor, Don is my man.


Johan (Joe) Terhorst, Valley Center, CA


The Pelletier Group/Don and Gerri helped me sell my home in Murrieta, CA. They did an amazing job!! They were a wealth of knowledge from the inner-workings of selling homes to the community in which my son and I currently reside. They told me of the process from start to finish and it happened that way exactly. The outcome was more than what I had hoped. I could go on and on… What I appreciated the most is that these guys held my hand through the entire process which allowed me to relax and trust them completely. When looking to buy a home, there is no doubt that I will come to The Pelletier Group. Thanks so much! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!


Mel D.


We were referred to Don from a trusted professional and since we were first time home owners, we had a lot of questions and uncertainty about the housing market and the process of purchasing a condo.  Don did a great job of explaining to us how the process worked, his opinion on the current condition of the housing market and what types of opportunities there were for us as first time homeowners.  Don was very patient with us as we went through the process of identifying what type of condo, location and a price we were both comfortable with.  After seeing many homes over the course of 6 months Don stuck with us and finally found the right one for us!  First, Don did a market analysis to ensure we were making the right offer and not overpaying.  After receiving the market analysis and getting guidance from Don, we decided to pull the trigger and make an offer.  Don and his team quickly swooped into action and had an offer out to the seller within 24 hours – and the seller accepted!  Don and his team really showed their value once the offer was accepted by walking us through the escrow process every step of the way.  They did a great job of moving things along quickly as our goal was to close as fast as possible.  I am happy to say the condo we purchased appraised for $20,000 more than we paid for it!  In our opinion, this validates Don’s experience and negotiating skills as a business professional and realtor.  All in all, Don and his team did a great job in explaining the process to us, making the transaction smooth and getting us into the condo we wanted for the price range we were comfortable with. Thanks Don & Team!!


Bill Corder and Brandy Clements, Hillcrest/San Diego


Our experience with Don Pelletier has been great. Don and his associates have smoothed the way for us in five real estate transactions. The Don Pelletier Group offers professional guidance every step of the way. I would never hesitate to call on Don again. I refer family and friends when they are in need of trusted real estate services.


Barbara C. San Diego


Don recently assisted me with a new home purchase. I am a primatologist in a very busy private practice, and Don was indispensable in helping my girlfriend and I in our new home search.  He understood last minute cancellations, calls after hours, and helping us to get everything we wanted from our new home.  He was also instrumental in helping us find exactly what we were looking for, coordinating the escrow process, and ensuring that once we had taken possession, all of our needs were met in terms of repairs, cleaning, and other necessities.
In addition, Don was an incredibly personable and friendly individual who always took the time to put a personal touch on the neighborhoods we visited.  He went out of his way to show us places that he thought we’d find interesting, pointing out local history and making the city come alive in a way we wouldn’t otherwise have known about.  I doubt that there are many more people who know more than he does about the areas we visited, and we visited several.
I cannot stress enough how valuable a resource Don was for us, and in particular how I believe that he is an incredible asset to any physician or family with a physician.  I have already recommended him to my two new incoming partners, and will do so with anyone I know who is relocating without any hesitation.


Wade Schwendemann, M.D., Carmel Valley


Don is extremely professional and very knowledgeable when it comes to Real estate. Don isa very kind and caring person. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don for several years and he has helped many of my clients. I highly recommend Don!  Thank you for everything!!


Nick K., Del Mar Insurance Company


Don just completed another real estate transaction for our family. Don represents his clients in a way that takes the headaches out of selling your property. We trust him to help us determine accurate market value, which ensures that the property doesn’t just sit there with a for sale sign. Don irons out the bumps that always come up during a sale. Years of experience make the difference!


Steve C. San Diego


Absolutely the best realtor we have ever worked with. My wife and I have sold houses in five states and the three we bought/sold with Don and his team were the easiest. Others talk about being customer focused, but talk is cheap. Don was there from the beginning to the end of the sale and beyond. In fact we are still in touch 10 years after we moved away from California. If not for my relocation, Don would be the first number I would call if I were selling or buying a property.
Our first transaction (sale) was a challenging one and Don got it done fast and for our asking price. The second (purchase) was also a challenge. The sellers were difficult to deal with but Don and his team were able to navigate this difficult situation and we got our dream house.
Sadly, after three years, my job was relocated and once again, Don came through. Our house sold in record time and at top dollar. That profit has come in handy in retirement.
We will always be grateful to Don for all of his help and can’t recommend him strongly enough. He is easy to work with, cares about his clients and will get you top dollar.


Dave S.


Don has been a realtor in the San Diego area for many decades. We didn’t have a moment’s hesitation in selecting him to represent us. A seamless and smooth experience all the way through. He guided us through the entire process and made suggestions that would only benefit us. Our highest recommendation.


Mike and Cathy Hamm


Thank you Don for your professionalism in handling the sale of our home. By selling our house in three days, you took all the stress away…something much needed with a newborn! It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you from start to finish, particularly given your attention to detail, honest regarding all matters, and your negotiating skills. We can honestly say that working with you was like having a friend to help us sell our home.


Shelly M., 4S Ranch


Don Pelletier recently sold our home in the community of ‘Savenna’ in Santa Fe Valley. During the time in which our home was on the market, there were many competing homes for sale in the area. Don sold our home while many others remained on the market. Throughout the process Don and his team provided excellent service and advice. If you are considering selling your home, we recommend you call Don Pelletier.


Bob and Bethany Willis


On behalf of Greg and myself I would like to send our sincere thanks to you. Living in Hawaii and trying to sell a house in San Diego is not possible without help from someone. I can’t tell you how impressed we were with your attention to detail, your outstanding customer service and hard work towards a successful sale. I guess the amazing part is I know we were not your most profitable customer! I wish we were still in San Diego to be able to utilize your services again. If we have any Navy friends transferring to San Diego you can be sure we will recommend you to them. If we can ever be a contact for recommendation for please contact us. We wish you and your staff all the success in the ever changing real estate world. Additional thanks to Gerri for her outstanding support on your behalf. Again we are extremely grateful for your tremendous work and your tremendous time and effort devoted to us. If you are ever in Hawaii, please stop and visit. Aloha!.


Colleen K. Thomas, Hawaii


I cannot begin to thank you enough for the outstanding efforts you put forth in selling the homes in the probate estates assigned to me. Both had to be sales from hell, however, you were able to solicit buyers and close escrow despite what seemed to me to be never ending problems. Your weekly status reports and frequent telephone calls kept me up to date on your marketing progress was greatly appreciated. Further, I am convinced that your recommendations on improving the marketability of one of the homes was the key factor in its sale. Best of all, I appreciated your friendly and courteous attitude, your patient demeanor, and your professionalism. For these reasons I intend to refer my customers to your office. I am thoroughly satisfied with your service and will not hesitate to refer my clients and friends to you.


Helen A. Larson,, Paralegal Services


When I decided to start looking for my new home I was wondering if I really needed the services of a real estate agent or if I could just do it all by myself. After all, in these days, the Internet give everybody access to loads of information about the housing market. A friend of mine told me ‘There’s a lot more to a house purchase than an address and a price! Give a call to Don Pelletier.’ Luckily for me I did follow my friend’s advice and several months later I am a very happy homeowner. Don made this possible for me thanks to the many years of experience, the knowledge, the broad view of the market and the impressive care for his customer.


Andrea Ghetti, Carmel Valley


I just closed escrow on what was one of the smoothest transactions I have participated in thus far. Don and his wife Gerri were excellent to work with on this purchase in Rancho Penasquitos. They were not only great to me as a buyer, they always had their seller’s best interests at heart and made sure this was as stress free as possible on her since she was going through a lot already. They do a ton of transactions but they still have a way of making you feel like you are their only client by always responding to emails timely and they almost always answered their phones. I am sure I will be doing business with them again and would gladly recommend my friends and family their way.


Marcel Bonee, San Marcos


I would like to recap how enjoyable it was working with you on my home sale. Your market knowledge allowed us to price the home well above my expectations and your preparation prior to listing allowed it to be presented in a very professional manner; yielding a sale in two days at the top of the range!
Additionally, you kept me informed on a daily basis through the close of escrow and always returned my calls promptly.


Jim Flynn, Carmel Valley


Don, we want to tell you how much we appreciate working with you. The reason we chose you to sell our property and also help us buy a replacement is that we knew we could take your advice. Knowing you for the past 29 years has convinced us that your advice is based on experience, honesty and integrity. We couldn’t ask for more than that.


Jim and Marge Grant, Ocean Beach