7 Seller Tips

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#1: Prepare your home for the buyer


When buyers look at your home, they must be able to imagine themselves living there. Buyers have an emotional response when they enter your home. Use their emotions to work for you. The first impression is the decision maker for a buyer, so give them the feeling that they are “home.” Here are a few tried and true tips for making a good first impression:

  • Is the outside of your home inviting? Consider staging the exterior of your home.
  • Tour your home as though you were a buyer, what do you notice? So will buyers.
  • De-clutter. Clutter takes the focus away from your home and
  • makes space look cramped.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company to keep dust and dirt away.
  • Pets can often be the anti-sale. If you are planning an open house,
  • find a pet hotel for the day.
  • A bright and well-lit room is a must for buyers. Maximize the light
  • in your home.
  • De-personalize your home so buyers can feel like it is their home.
  • Remove family photos, religious décor and kitschy memorabilia.


#2: Price it right


We know the goal is to make as much money as possible, but make sure your property is priced appropriately. If your property is priced too high, it will sit stagnant and develop an identity as a problem property. If priced too low, it could cos t you considerable profits. Obtain a comparative market analysis of recently sold properties relevant to your home’s size, location and condition. Knowledgeable interpretation of this information, in conjunction with current absorption rates and your time frame, will determine the appropriate asking price for your home.


#3: Don’t over upgrade


Small repairs and fresh paint always pay off. Mammoth makeovers, not so much. Many large expensive remodeling projects simply don’t pay off when you sell your home, so don’t expect to recoup the entire cost of the remodel. Instead, do small projects and inexpensive updates that will help you get top dollar for your home. Replace door handles, cabinet hardware, leaky faucets etc. Clean the grout, plant flowers and look for any other opportunities to give your home a quick face lift.


#4: Make your home extremely available 


Selling a home is inconvenient. No one will deny it can be one of the most stressful times in your life. The pain can be minimized (by lessening the amount of time your home is on the market) if you follow these simple rules:


  • Allow the Realtor to take as many high-quality photos as possible to advertise your home.
  • Put a lockbox on the property with set showing times that are easy for Realtors. Between 10am and 7pm is usually sufficient
  • Be flexible. Remember, selling your home is inconvenient.
  • Take advantage of Broker tours which will allow Realtors to preview your property before bringing their client through your home. This will help reduce “lookie-loos.”


#5: Don’t forget your neighbors


Your neighbors want good neighbors. Chances are they may even have friends or family that would like to live in the neighborhood. So let them help choose their next neighbor by getting them involved in the sale of your home. Once you’ve listed your home, invite your neighbors to your open house and use social media posts to mention your home for sale. There are so many ways to instantly network online and you would be amazed at how quickly a neighbor could create demand for your home.


#6: Be aware of your rights and obligations


The laws and regulations of real estate can be complex if you are uninformed or you do not understand your rights and responsibilities. A contract for the sale of your property is legally binding and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are unaware of what you are signing, you can run into some very serious and expensive problems. Make sure you look at any issues that affect title which can prohibit a sale until resolved. Your Realtor should be a valuable and knowledgeable resource and can refer you to a licensed real estate attorney if necessary. If you have questions, get answers.


#7: Trust your agent


Selecting the right agent is extremely important. Competence and experience will mean the difference between a higher negotiated sales price and the loss of money. Once you identify the agent you want to use to list your home, based on their experience in your area, listen to their recommendations. Trust is key.


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